Yoga Business Cards


Yoga Business Cards, a 5mm margin is your best bet, as anything that bleeds over the edge later on will be covered. Zoom in on the card so you can see better, and adjust the ruler at the top left corner of the card. Aside from the design and layout, paper and material used also matter when it comes to the effectiveness. Free cards are often printed on a low quality type of paper or material. These are easily soiled and crumpled. In some instances, high quality material may be used but you won't expect exceptional finishing.

Yoga Business Cards Only professional printing services can items with matte, glossy, and smooth finish. You can also apply foil, spot, raised print embossing, and UV coating. This positions the card in the right place. Drag a guide to the 5mm position and the 80mm position, and do the same thing on the vertical, except put the latter at the 50mm position.

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