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buy giant birthday cards,When requested, "Was it VeniceThat impressed this nuisance?"elizabeth responded, "No, I learned it in Florence".Matthew wishes gifts for his birthday, Matthew wishes jewelry and vehicles, Matthew really wants to venture out to restaurants, And fulfill beautiful females in bars.Well I Have got something special for Matthew, For this playboy who believes he is so awesome, It Is what he got me for my birthday, Coincidentally that is B*GGER ALL!Nigel is just a guy, It'snot only a present;Their sneakers are usually refined, And he never picks his nose.He opens gates for girls, while offering them his chair;Their fingernails should never be filthy, And his hair is definitely When it is Nigel's birthday neat.But, He drops all his course;

He's a great deal to drink, And stops up on his a*se!Chris when I take a look at you, from the when you were twenty two,your own hair was heavy, your lines several, And you did not spend such a long time within the toilet!John, in your birthday, I'd like you to relax;take a seat and place the feet up, And That I'll provide you beverages and snacks.I'll do all of the home tasks, And place your garments absent;actually it's not going to be significantly diverse, To everyother evening!Vince, Vince, so what can the problem be, Youare turning out to be Les Battersby,Tis your birthday on Sunday, for crying aloud partner CHEER UP!Alan you understand I really like you Therefore, Youare truly really nice;D reality I Would contact you ideal If it had beennot for the toes!

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