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minnie mouse cards birthday,John includes a dilemma, Heis more than before,and today it's his birthday, He seems only a little sore.But John should not fear, Or mooch throughout the house,Since what he lacks in youth, He comprises for with nouse!harlie loves to possess a beverage, And heis frequently in a rush;But preserve your length each morning, If he's been out to get a curry!Donald, Happy Birthday Love, I Have held you dressed and provided;Today I request only one factor of you - Please quit farting during sex!position, your birthdayis here again, So it's really a good-time simply to sitnd question why for the remainder Of the season, You Are this type of git!!

Eddie, today youare finding outdated, as well as your hair is certainly going gray; possess some phrases to express to you, with this your personal day.Youare large, smart, good looking, type, And all of your cracks are However The best thing about you Expensive, Is all of your beautiful cash!ary usually gets drunk on his birthday, When he is started, he simply can't end;Therefore he often gets thrown out the boozer, And comes back home with ill down his top!Harryis an ideal spouse, For 364 times of the entire year,But he does get astray on his birthday, By attempting to block in alcohol!

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